Gore’s glittering prizes

Tony Blankley alchemically transforms anger over Al Gore’s absurd Nobel Peace Prize and his Academy Award into pure comedy:

The world has become such a difficult and dangerous place that I am deeply appreciative of recent amusing events, which seem as if they were written by the Marx Brothers or Monty Python. I have in mind, it should go without saying, Al Gore winning both an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize. The very sentence sounds like a punch line. But I can’t quite figure out who is supposed to be the butt of the joke. I rather suspect that he has one more award to come — the trifecta of absurdism. Perhaps he will be pronounced the world’s greatest jockey or the world’s most graceful dancer. It only makes sense, given Al Gore’s acknowledged role in bringing the Internet to humanity. Whatever the award, the world will receive it with the same demeanor it displayed in appreciating the emperor’s new clothes several centuries ago.

Blankley keeps up the pace throughout the column, though he concludes with a reference “the hook on the car window story” that I needed help with. For those similarly benighted, it is explained here.