The JPC All Stars come to town

The Jewish Policy Center has posted a press release announcing a November 11 forum at the Minneapolis Jewish Community Center. The forum will address address American foreign policy in the Middle East and boasts an all-star lineup: moderator Michael Medved and panelists John Podhoretz, Cliff May, and Mona Charen. JPC director of policy Jonathan Schanzer writes:

The Jewish Policy Center extends a special invitation to Powerline readers to attend a highly anticipated forum featuring Michael Medved, John Podhoretz, Mona Charen and Cliff May on November 11, 2007 at 7:00 pm.
The Forum, entitled “American Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Dangerous Times in a Dangerous Neighborhood,” will be held at the Sabes Jewish Community Center. It is free to the public. The JPC’s toll-free RSVP line is (866) 323-7314. Read more about the event here.

I plan to be there and hope local Power Line readers can attend and help make the event a success. For a video of a previous JPC program on “The fight against radical Islam and the new anti-Semitism on campus,” featuring Medved with panelists David Horowitiz, Daniel Pipes, and Cliff May, click here.


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