The Northwest Baghdad awakening

The White House is circulating an “update” on Iraq. Among the good news is a report on Northwest Baghdad, where the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division operates in a 93 square kilometer region with over 1 million people. It reports that in this region:

There has been an 85 percent reduction in violence since May.
58 of the 95 mahalas or neighborhoods are now considered under control, with 33 in a clearing status.
Murders are down from a peak of over 161 reported murders per week a year ago to less than five per week.
IED and small arms attacks are down from a peak of 50 per week in June to less than five per week since the end of August.
Vehicle-borne IED attacks are down nearly 85 percent.
The unit is partnered with ten Iraqi army battalions and two national police battalions deployed across the Kadhimiya and the Mansour security districts. According to Col. J.B. Burton, these areas “are commanded by highly competent, patriotic Iraqi brigadier generals who consistently demonstrate their unbreakable will to deliver security, reconciliation and reconstruction to northwest Baghdad.


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