An illusion becomes more difficult to subscribe to

From Gordon Chang at Contentions we learn that Ali Larijani, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator since 2005, has “resigned” effective immediately. His replacement probably will be Saeed Jalili, deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs.
Noting that Jalili is relatively inexperienced, Chang contnds that the removal of Larijani means President Ahmadinejad will have more control over negotiations regarding nukes. Since Ahmadinejad does not even favor negotiating with the West about this matter, the illusion that negotiations can dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons will be difficult to preserve.
Chang concludes, therefore, that Ahmadinejad is “giving the international community no choice but to have it out with him next month, when the Security Council takes up the matter.” But unfortunately, willful ignorance of reality, fueled by cowardice, is always an option.
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