It’s the coverup that kills you, part 4

Somebody has slipped the relevant documents in the Beauchamp scandal over the transom to the Drudge Report: a telephone transcript of the September 7 call between Beauchamp and TNR editors Franklin Foer and Peter Scoblic, Beuachamp’s apparent admission to”gross exaggerations and inaccurate allegations” in his TNR Baghdad diarist “Shock troops” column (smartly sent down the memory hole by “the editors”), and the Army’s official report on Beauchamp’s allegations. It’s too late to say that it’s the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. It’s closer to the end that we have previewed here (part 1), here (part 2), and here (part 3). “The editors” have taken the personal scandal of Scott Thomas Beauchamp and turned it into an institutional debacle.
UPDATE: Drudge has removed the link to his “flash” page and deleted the three document PDFs, though he still has the “flash” page posted. Michelle Malkin keeps the documents from going down the memory hole with the “Shock troops” column. Please remember that Michael Goldfarb broke this story and that Bob Owens doggedly pursued it. “The editors,” however, are still stonewalling. Unbelievable.


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