Inside the walls of South Dakota

Jon Lauck is the author of the new book on the historic 2004 Senate race in which the indomitable John Thune unseated then-incumbent Senate majority leader Tom Daschle. In the book Lauck brings his professional training to bear. He is a lawyer and historian who currently serves as senior adviser to Senator Thune. The book is Daschle vs. Thune: Anatomy of a High Plains Senate Race. Tomorrow Lauck will appear for a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Sioux Falls (3700 West 41st Street) at 2:00 p.m. Please get out and buy a copy if you are in the neighborhood.
Readers with a long memory may recall that the Sioux Falls Argus Leader was a key player in the Senate race. As a liberal paper that dominates the state’s news coverage, it was perhaps Daschle’s most significant (and most irritating) supporter. The Internet played a role in allowing Thune supporters to circumvent the Argus Leader, and it was a role that the Argus Leader deeply resented.
The Argus Leader even expressed its resentment toward those of us with the temerity (as the paper saw things) to criticize it on the Internet from “outside the walls of South Dakota.” In April 2004 Argus Leader editor Randall Beck fulminated:



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