Indoctrinate U

Evan Coyne Maloney is a skilled filmmaker who has produced lots of conservative-oriented videos. Among other things, he likes to attend far-left demonstrations and interview protesters to find out how much they understand about the issues on which they are demonstrating. The results are often illuminating.
Evan’s first full-length movie, I believe, is Indoctrinate U, a documentary about liberal bias in American higher education. No serious observer doubts that such bias exists, but not everyone wants to make a record of it. Evan did, and the resulting product is spectacular. The web site about Evan’s movie is here. No major distributor wanted to take a chance on Evan’s film, so he is going it alone, with an innovative campaign that involves internet users registering their desire to see the movie. It seems to be working pretty well; tonight, Indoctrinate U had its Minnesota debut at the Oak St. theatre, just off the campus of the University of Minnesota. Evan was there for the premiere–the movie will run on Oak St. for a week–and, if I’m not mistaken, Scott was there tonight too. In fact, I think one of his daughters appears in the film.
I couldn’t make the premiere because I was on an airplane coming home from New York tonight. But tomorrow at noon, we’ll interview Evan and talk about Indoctrinate U. on our Northern Alliance radio show.
We had hoped that we might be able to have Evan in studio, but he’s heading home to New York early in the morning because–feeble excuse, Evan!–tomorrow is his birthday and he wants to spend it with his family. Nevertheless, we’ll have him on as a guest at noon central, one eastern, to talk about Indoctrinate U and the impact it already has had.
Go to A.M. 1280 the Patriot to hear Evan Coyne Maloney at noon tomorrow. It’s guaranteed to be fun.
To whet your appetite, here is the YouTube trailer:

Tune in tomorrow to hear the whole story.


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