St. Thomas

I haven’t had enough time lately to keep up with this site, let alone any others, but along the way I have had some fun with my Facebook page. I can see how social networking could be worthwhile, and how some teenagers can spend much of their days Facebooking.
I installed software called iLike on my Facebook page, and my middle daughter and I spent some time last weekend trying to winnow down the thousands of songs I like to ten to put on Facebook. It was arbitrary, of course, but we came up with a pretty good list, from the Beatles to Gear Daddies to Keith Urban. I then discovered that if you follow the song link off the iLike list, it takes you to a bunch of YouTube videos of the song. Which is how I came across this video of one of my favorite pieces of music, Sonny Rollins’ St. Thomas.
I’m poaching on Scott’s territory, here, with some trepidation–although not as much as if I tried to do a post on English Premier League soccer–not that I would want to–just kidding, Paul–but I can’t resist passing it on, for those who haven’t heard it. The way the main theme returns just in time, at the end, is great, I think.
I saw Sonny Rollins quite a few years ago, at a medium-sized venue in Minneapolis. He had a band with him, of course, but what I remember is Sonny standing all by himself in the middle of the stage, dressed in a cool white suit, playing the saxophone. He played St. Thomas, which is on his Saxophone Colossus album. Anyway, here it is:

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