The gathering Democratic storm

Watching the Democratic presidential candidates’ forum last night on MSNBC, I was struck by the lack of visible differences among the candidates. Except perhaps on the question whether the candidate had seen a UFO, the differences among the candidates were microscopic. Whatever the question, George Bush was the answer (in the sense that he was responsible for the problem reflected in the question). Dennis Kucinich — the candidate who distinguished himself by having seen a UFO (like Jimmy Carter!) — followed the logic implicit in the answers given by each of the candidates. He called for Bush’s impeachment.
As the frontrunner, Ms. Hillary was the target of all the serious candidates, though she parried their criticisms by reverting to criticism of Bush. Listening to the debate last night, one might reasonably conclude that the only threat faced by the United States is George Bush. No one bothered to note that he would be leaving office soon the old-fashioned way even without impeachment.
John Edwards led the critique of Ms. Hillary on her support of the Senate’s Iran resolution. According to Edwwards, the resolution read like it was “written literally in the language of the neo-cons.” Support for the resolution was misguided because “we need to stand up to this president. We need to make it absolutely clear that we will not let Bush, Cheney and this administration invade Iran.” Ms. Hillary responded that she supported legislation to restrain the Bush administration. Her vote only reflected support for diplomacy.
The best line of the night came offstage over at NRO’s Corner. In response to Edwards’s gibe about the language of the neo-cons, Kathryn Jean Lopez asks: “Would that be Yiddish?”


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