The Incredible Shrinking Tent, Part Two

Tony Blankley gives forceful voice to the concern I expressed yesterday about efforts to read Mike Huckabee out of the conservative movement:

I am not prepared to abandon our vigorous free trade policies or support a tax increase. I have yet to see a convincing argument against low taxes and free markets. But neither am I prepared to consign to beyond the pale my fellow conservatives who no longer see unadulterated free trade in the national interest. Nor will I categorically write off those who sense that even conservative voters may, under some circumstances, be prepared to pay with taxes for wanted government programs (such as transportation at the state and local levels.)

SCOTT adds: Not only do Paul Mirengoff and Tony Blankley make similar points, they both invoke the “tent” metaphor to frame them. Blankley’s column is titled “Small-tent conservatives.”


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