Please consider this worthy cause

Project Valour-IT — the organization that purchases laptops for severely wounded service members — is in the middle of its annual fundraising campaign. We’re getting to it late this year as the result of my oversight. Last night we received a piercing appeal from Mrs. Greyhawk:

Fellas, I’m just going to come right out and say it, no better yet beg, for your support for Project Valour-IT. In the past you have supported this and I believe it’s partly because of Power Line that it has been such a success. Year one we raised approximately $100,000 thorugh Valour-IT teams, last year we raised over a quarter million. Sadly this year is not looking too good. We’re in day 5 and we have barely raised $27,000 and this drive ends Nov. 11. Valour-IT has spent the last of their money buying the 30 laptops that are going out this week/weekend. This year demand has ranged from 30-100 laptops per month. At this rate we may not make that demand.

Last year we joined the Navy team because it was in last place; this year I’ve signed us up for the Army because it’s in last place. Please consider donating here and help this worthy cause meet its ambitious goal of $240,000.
UPDATE: We had to call on our tech genius Joe Malchow for an intervention to get our Army widget to display properly on all browsers. I have fixed the Army team Paypal link immediately above, I think. Thanks to all the readers who wrote in to direct our attention to these matters, as well as to my typos (which come from working quickly on a laptop on the road). Power Line readers have already had a major impact in getting the Army team back on its feet. We know our readers are among the most generous on the Internet and ask you to support this important mission.
JOHN adds: The Army has vaulted into the lead, no doubt due in large part to contributions by Power Line readers. Please keep them coming!


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