Bill Katz: Editor, edit thyself, part 1

In his most recent post, Bill Katz returned to the the subject of the Tonight Show. Bill’s first two contributions to Power Line were “Learning from The Tonight Show” and “Learning from The Tonight Show, part 2.” Bill now turns his attention to the steps the mainstream media must take to win back the confidence of the American people:

It was 1965. I’d just met with Lester Markel, associate editor of The New York Times, for whom I worked. After leaving his office, on The Times’s 14th floor, I drifted down the hall to the suite occupied by Arthur Hays Sulzberger, the paper’s former publisher. A TV was on, and President Johnson was speaking. I stayed to watch. To my left, mounted on the wall, was a battle map of the Korean War, which had ended 12 years earlier. Now we were in Vietnam. Johnson was announcing a gesture aimed at peace talks, and I recall thinking that this war would be over in 30 days.
Of course, I was very wrong. I never envisioned the struggle ahead. And I never envisioned something else


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