Strange and stranger

Last week, rumor had it that Sam Brownback was going to endorse Rudy Giuliani. That seemed odd, given the central place the pro-life position holds for Brownback .
Today, we learn that Brownback is endorsing John McCain. But meanwhile the Washington Post reports that Giuliani will pick up an even less probable endorsement than Brownback’s would have been. According to Chris Cillizza, Pat Robertson will endorse Rudy.
Once we get past the strangeness of this, it’s a good development. I doubt that Robertson will persuade many anti-abortion voters to prefer Giuliani in the primaries. But maybe he can help persuade some of them not to stay home or vote for a third party candidate in the event that Rudy is the nominee.
JOHN adds: With Paul Weyrich endorsing Mitt Romney, all three leading contenders have gotten significant endorsements in the last few days. I doubt that they sway many votes, if any; as Paul says, the point where they might become significant is if Giuliani is the nominee and a lot of respected conservatives get behind him enthusiastically.
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