Perspectives on the Mukasey confirmation

There is no evidence of which I am aware that Judge Michael Mukasey was anything other than a stellar Attorney General nominee. Were it not for the fact that he gave his Johns Hopkins SAIS speech at breakfast yesterday morning, Senator Lieberaman could have cited the 40 Democrats voting against Mukasey’s confirmation last night as a footnote supporting the thesis of his speech that the Democrats have badly lost their way on national security.
The Washinton Post article reporting Mukasey’s confirmation is almost comically adamant about the significance of the 40 Democratic votes against Mukasey’s confirmation (and they may be significant, though not in the sense the Post reporters seem to think). By contrast, the Yale Daily News article highlighting the Yale angle on the confirmation (from President Bush to Mukasey to Senator Lieberman to Yale Law Dean Harold Koh to Yale Law Professors Jed Rubenfeld and Kate Stith) is a model of judicious perspective.
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