On the Bus

Paul spent last weekend traveling around New Hampshire with the John McCain campaign; he reported on the experience here, here and here. He also took some photos, of which some, he says, turned out pretty well. Here are a few; click to enlarge. First, McCain’s bus, the Straight Talk Express. Paul writes:

McCain’s famous bus. The campaign staff works in the front while McCain holds court with the media in the very back.

McCain and a young fan after a town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire:

This one, unbelievably I think, is of McCain’s mother. Paul writes:

Mrs. Roberta McCain, 95 years young, with a family friend. This picture was taken in front of the Comfort Inn in Concord, where the campaign stayed last weekend.

And, finally, the back of the bus.

The back of the bus. McCain talks things over with Sasha Issenberg of the Boston Globe. I’m faintly visible in the mirror taking the picture.


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