Scott Makes News

We’ve written repeatedly about the Left’s attack on our friend Rachel Paulose, the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota. This attack, which is pretty much the ultimate in a baseless, politically motivated smear campaign, is newsworthy for several reasons. It started as an offshoot of the “scandal” over the administration’s replacement of a handful of U.S. Attorneys who were underperforming in various ways. It took on a life of its own as an exemplar of the Left’s effort to make life miserable for any Republican who consents to serve in the Executive Branch, at considerable personal sacrifice. And, since Rachel happens to be our friend, we can attest to the outrageousness of the Left’s campaign from personal knowledge.
Scott wrote here about his National review article about the New York Times’ drive-by attack on Ms. Paulose. What was most notable about Scott’s excellent piece is that Rachel responded to the attacks against her for the first time. Thus, Scott’s article made news, a fact which was recognized by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, in an article titled Paulose breaks her silence via blog.

U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose briefly went public Friday to defend herself against allegations that she had mishandled classified information and made a racial slur about an administrative employee in her Minneapolis office.
In an article published by the National Review Online, Paulose denies retaliating against a top attorney in her office for reporting that she had left classified information unsecured in her office. The article, written by Minneapolis lawyer Scott Johnson, says that Paulose claims to have “self-reported the incident to the Justice Department and was absolved of any security violation.”
Johnson, who disclosed that he is a friend of Paulose’s, is a regular contributor to a conservative blog called Power Line (

“Regular contributor” understates the case, of course, but otherwise the article is pretty accurate.


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