The Down Side of being a Presidential Candidate

One down side, anyway, is that you have to attend automobile races. Today, Rudy Giuliani went to his third NASCAR race of the season–which, mercifully, is now over. He says he’s seen enough automobile racing that “I feel like I really am a fan.” I doubt it. I’m not one to criticize others’ pastimes–not even soccer–but NASCAR is where I draw the line. Given a choice between watching paint dry and watching cars zoom around a track, over and over again, I’d rather watch the paint. At least the paint won’t make obnoxious noises, and the fumes smell better.
Lots of people resent politicians, sometimes with good cause, but now and then we need to cut them a break and sympathize with what they have to go through to get elected. Kissing babies is the least of it:
UPDATE: As I expected, this post is a bit controversial. Check out the comments and add your own.
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