Undecided in New Hampshire

When I traveled with the McCain campaign in New Hampshire earlier this month, it seemed to me that an awful lot of voters hadn’t made up their mind. Now, a brand new CNN poll confirms this impression. It finds that only 14 percent of Republican voters in New Hampshire have made a definite decision. .
Apparently, New Hampshire Republicans have been more successful in identifying candidates for whom they will not vote. 50 percent say they won’t vote for Thompson under any circumstances; 29 percent say this of McCain; 28 percent of Giuliani; and 19 percent of Romney. However, these results must be taken with a grain of salt — in July 39 percent said they wouldn’t vote for McCain under any circumstances.
For what it’s worth, Romney holds a nice lead in the poll with 33 percent support, McCain is second at 18 percent, and Giuliani third with 16 percent, down from 24 percent in September. Ron Paul has moved into fourth with 8 percent support, up from 4 percent in September. During this same two month period, according to the poll, Thompson’s support has dropped from 13 percent to 4 percent.


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