Who Cares About Reality?

This is a final (from me, anyway) observation on the politicization of the office of United States Attorney by the Democratic Party over the past year. As Scott has noted at length, our friend Rachel Paulose, who by any objective standard was doing a fine job in the position, was forced out by the Democrats and their press minions after she committed the “offense” of defending herself against their partisan smears. The fatal defect that brought her down, ostensibly, was that she had a strained relationship with a number of her subordinates in the U.S. Attorney’s office. A friend wrote to point out that such strained relationships with subordinates are not exactly a novel feature of Minnesota politics:

Rachel Paulose gets reassigned under a cloud for the way she ran her office while Amy Klobuchar, who had many, many more intra-office management issues, is in the Senate. Further, the press was indifferent at best and at worst, willfully ignored Klobuchar