Bridge on the River Nowhere

Developments in the Middle East provide much to worry over. The consensus of reported opinion about the Israeli operation that took out a structure in Syria holds that the object of the attack was a nuclear reactor. Haaretz, however, begs to differ. Haaretz reports that Professor Uzi Even concludes that the object of the attack was “Not a reactor — something far more vicious.” At Right Wing Nuthouse, Rick Moran ticks down the “Countdown to chaos” in Lebanon.
Although many have slighted the Annapolis peace conference as a predictable failure, I have been concerned from the time of its announcement about the damage it would do. Richard Baehr capably sketches the inanity of the proceedings in “Road to nowhere.” With its stupid utopianism and robotic service to our terrorist enemies, I think it might be more useful to think of the conference as a bridge rather than a road: the Bridge on the River Nowhere.
When President Bush announced the peace conference this past July, attendance was to to be limited to representatives of nations that support a two-state solution, reject violence, recognize Israel’s right to exist, and commit to all previous agreements between the parties. Dore Gold reasonably asks whether the United States is altering its view of Israel’s rights in a peace settlement. Secretary Rice has silently jettisoned the critieria for attendance at the conference so that the bridge can be built and she has failed to notice that the bridge she is building is one that will be crossed by the terrorists at war with us.
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