New poll shows Clinton trailing all five main Republican rivals

So reports the Washington Post. The poll is by Zogby Interactive, so take it for what it’s worth. Having polled nearly 10,000 individuals, Zogby asserts a margin of error of one percent.
According to the poll, Barack Obama and John Edwards lead all Republican rivals, so these results tend to bolster their claim that Clinton is a bad bet for Dems when it comes to recapturing the White House.
JOHN adds: Much as I would like to believe it, I suspect that this poll result means little. Zogby’s Interactive Poll is conducted on the internet, and I would guess that the Democrats who participate in the survey are more or less representative of the Democrats we encounter on the web. That is, they are far out, as John Denver used to say. Most likely, a number of the Democrats who have signed up for Zogby’s interactive poll are netroots types who dramatize their support for more statist or more pacifist candidates by pretending that they won’t vote for Hillary if she is the nominee.
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