Taliban Man: Obama doesn’t cut it with “core white Americans”

Politico reporter Ben Smith discovered that Yale’s infamous Taliban Man joined a university friends of Obama Facebook group, but that TM is not necessarily high on the candidate:

Guessing from my experiences in America I don’t think he is going to be a strong leader who could bring important changes. Because, I think as a black man, with a muslim name that is similar to Osama, and a foreign born father he is not going gain the confidence of the core white Americans. I know some liberals support him. But liberals are usually shaky shaky–not– die-hards as the conservatives.

It appears that Yale has not had much of a moderating influence on TM so far, but that (or perhaps therefore) he might make a contribution as a CNN or MSNBC commentator on the ’08 race.
Let’s hear from TM on Dennis Kucinich, for example. Kucinich’s father was a truck driver and Kucinich is white, does not have a Muslim name, supports the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, opposes any military operation that can cause civilian casualties, and can even claim the experience of having sighted a UFO. Wouldn’t Kucinich bring important changes, Mr. Taliban Man?
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