While many of you suckers were watching the Republican presidential debate,

I got to listen to a pure conservative tonight. The conservative was Ann Coulter; the occasion was the 30th anniversary of the National Journalism Center. Founded by M. Stanton Evans, and run since 2001 by the Young America’s Foundation, the NJC has trained more than 1,600 alumni. Its mission has remained the same throughout — to combat the fusion of superficiality and biased ideology that pollutes journalism in America.
The NJC’s distinguished alums include Steve Hayward, John Fund, and Coulter. And last summer, my daughter Emily had the privilege of participating.
Coulter’s speech was witty, insightful, and deliciously mean-spirited. Although she came more to bury than to praise, Coulter did put in a nice word about Power Line. I understand that C-SPAN has and/or will show it, and we’ll keep an eye out for the link.
It’s safe to say that, with the exception of Duncan Hunter, Coulter does not have a high regard for the Republican presidential field. As a practical matter, she sees the race as down to Romney and Giuliani, and she seems about equally unenthusiastic about the two. However, she’s prepared to support the Republican nominee without reservation.
My favorite line of the evening came when, in response to a question, Coulter disclosed the one thing she’d like to do that she hasn’t done — serve as President Bush’s press secretary for the remainder of his term. One thing I’d like to do is watch 15 minutes of Ann in that role.


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