Worst pretense to an impartial news organization: CNN

Last night I designated CNN’s planting of General Kerr in the audience to hector the candidates on “don’t ask don’t tell” as the “worst ambush” of CNN’s Republican candidates’ forum. I didn’t know at the time that General Kerr is affiliated with the Clinton campaign. Among those who have taken note are Hot Air (“plantmania!”), Patrick Ruffini (“a CNN F”), Glenn Reynolds (“CNN demonstrates an inexplicable failure to background-check pro-Hillary questioners”), and Kevin Aylward (“CNN apparently couldn’t find (or didn’t want to know) any of this” about Kerr).
It seemed obvious that several of the questioners other than General Kerr were neither Republican nor potential Republican voters. Michelle Malkin identifies several. Serving as the host of an intraparty debate, CNN has shown itself unable or unwilling to act as an honest broker.
Stephen Green makes the more general point about CNN. I take it for granted that every network but FOX will seek to caricature Republican themes and humiliate Republican candidates. When CNN did it last night through the selection of those absurd questions and goofy questioners, I took it as par for the course. Stephen Green did not: “What we really saw tonight was CNN playing out its own agenda in front of a couple million viewers and seven or eight candidates, without anyone calling them on it.”


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