Rep. Murtha finds that surge is working and falsely claims he believed it would

Rep. John Murtha, having returned from a trip to Iraq, acknowledges that the U.S. military surge is working. Murtha also reports that the morale of the Pennsylvania troops he met with is good and that they want to finish the job.
Unfortunately, Murtha opposes letting them do so. Murtha still insists that the U.S. pull out of Iraq. He is now willing to compromise on the timing, not because we’re succeeding but because of the difficulties associated with getting all of our heavy equipment out of Iraq by the end of 2008. They don’t call him “fighting Jack Murtha” for nothing.
Though unmoved by our success, Murtha isn’t above taking credit for it. Murtha says he’s not surprised by our military success, and that he sent a letter to President Bush early in the war stating that the U.S. needed a much larger ground force to pacify Iraq.
Yet in 2006, Murtha wrote on his blog that “our military has done everything it can do militarily.” They don’t call him “honest Jack Murtha” for nothing.
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