Last Chance To Get Your Money Down

If you’re interested in betting on the Miss World pageant, that is. I sized up the field in this year’s competition here. The latest betting odds are here. There are a few surprises going into tomorrow night’s finale. The current betting favorite is Miss China; click to enlarge:

This isn’t too surprising, in that the contest is being held in China and Miss China won the Top Model competition last week. In second place, currently, is Miss Dominican Republic; no surprise there, since she won the Beach Beauty title. A real surprise, though, is the number three favorite, Miss Lithuania:

I totally don’t buy that one, but another surprise, Miss Latvia at number five, is more plausible. Plus, she’s a law student:

I predicted that this year would mark a continued resurgence among European pageant contenders; certainly a Baltic renaissance seems to be in progress. I won’t be able to live-blog the finale tomorrow night, but it will be televised everywhere.
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