Mike Huckabee’s Sunday school foreign policy

Earlier this week, I compared Mike Huckabee’s stated approach to foreign policy to that of Jimmy Carter. The more I learn about Huckabee, the more I think I may have been unfair to Carter (Carter the president, that is; not the Carter of today).
Consider this piece in the Des Moines Register, in which Huckabee proposes to restore our standing in the world “by showing the kind of respect that other nations would want and deserve.” Huckabee explained that “you treat others the way you’d like to be treated; to me the fundamental issue that has to be re-established in our dealings with other countries.”
So there you have it; treat Iran, Syria, and North Korea with the same respect with which we want to be treated and experience the joys of international fellowship and good will. I don’t recall even President Carter being that naive.
Next, consider what Huckabee told Fox News on December 4 about why he favors closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay:

For a long time I felt Guantanamo should be kept open. And I have been to GITMO. I have seen up close and personal, having visited there, the treatment of our detainees. And even to this day, I think the detainees are being treated humanely and responsibly. But I have also come to understand that from a perspective of the way the world looks at us, GITMO has become a symbol of what a lot of people are angry about, and whatever value it has, it


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