Beginning to NBC the light

The AP reports that NBC will air the two Freedom’s Watch ads thanking the troops serving over the holidays. The ads had been running on both CNN and FOX News but were allegedly deemed to violate NBC standards and practices. NBC asserts on second thought it has decided to amend its standards and practices. One can only infer that NBC viewers and others made the absurdity of the network’s decision manifest to the powers-that-be at the network.
Below is the first of the ads.

Below is the second of the ads.

Via Drudge.
JOHN adds: RedState notes that NBC’s general counsel, one of two individuals cited as responsible for the decision to deny time to pro-troop ads, is a heavy contributor to the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the Dems’ House and Senate campaign committees.
This is always hard to assess: is a particular bureaucrat conscientiously trying to apply policies imposed by others, or is the fact that he is a liberal applying policies adopted by liberals the whole point? In this particular case, I don’t know. But the fact that liberals control the mainstream media, including NBC, with an iron fist, is beyond dispute.
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