The trial of Bilal Hussein

Michelle Malkin’s post on “The trial of Bilal Hussein” is must reading. John wrote about the case of Hussein here most recently in “The AP reports on itself.”
JOHN adds: I don’t know what the evidence against Bilal Hussein is, or how far his complicity with the terrorists goes. But there are two things we can say with absolute certainty: one, Hussein has no fear of Iraqi terrorists, and two, Iraqi terrorists consider Hussein an ally who does their bidding.
These propositions are demonstrated by any number of photos that Hussein has taken, most obviously by this picture of two terrorists who have murdered an Italian hostage:
We don’t know whether Bilal was with the terrorists when they murdered the hostage, or whether, for that matter, he may have participated in the crime. What we do know is that, in the presence of two armed, masked terrorists and their dead victim, he didn’t do what you or I would do–run like hell–he got out his camera and took a picture. So Hussein is remarkably comfortable in the presence of terrorists. And Hussein’s apparent cordiality was reciprocated by the murderers. Instead of killing Hussein, they posed for him. Obviously, they viewed his picture as desirable propaganda for their cause. So what we have here, at a bare minimum, is a symbiotic, sympathetic relationship.
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