Yak’s hat trick

Most Evertonians were over the moon when we acquired the Nigerian forward Yakubu earlier this season. As I noted at the time, no player currently in the Premier League has scored more Premier League goals than Yukubu over the past four seasons. Thus, he promised to be perhaps the best goal predator we’ve had since the glory days of Graeme Sharp and Gary Lineker more than 20 years ago.
Things started brilliantly, with Yakubu needing only 11 minutes to score in his Everton debut. After that, though, came a period of adjustment during which Yakubu was occasionally benched for not fully embracing the current Everton ethic of non-stop running and ultra-committed play.
But now Yakubu and manager David Moyes seem to be on the same page, and the Nigerian is producing the goods. Yesterday, he scored three goals in Everton’s 3-0 victory over Fulham. This brings his total to nine goals in 16 matches and, eight in ten Premier League matches. These are numbers worthy of Sharp and Lineker.
Meanwhile, yesterday’s victory takes Everton’s unbeaten streak to ten matches. More importantly, eight of the ten have been wins. We now sit seventh in the table.


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