There Waas no problem

On Saturday, I responded to a piece by my friend Erick Erickson in which he suggested that conservatives should not “cite Murray Waas to attack Mike Huckabee.” Since I had done just that, I defended the relevant post even though I didn’t know whether it had been among those that prompted Erick’s complaint.
On Sunday, Erick emailed to tell me that “you are definitely not one of those I had in mind when I said people on the right should not be citing Waas.” He kindly added that “I thought your particular post was quite fair.” I should say, however, that Erick also reiterated his view that “we should all be leery” of relying on Waas [note: a view that we do not necessarily share].
I am grateful to Erick for his message, especially given the high regard I have for him and his work.


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