The unbearable greenness of being Republican

Michelle Malkin takes a look at the responses of the Republican candidates to the Des Moines Register Schoolmarm’s query about manmade global warming in “Digging deeper: The enviro-nitwit-ization of the GOP.” Michelle includes a scrennshot of the “moment Schoolmarm asked the candidates to raise their hands if they ‘believe global climate change is a serious threat and caused by human activity.'” (She lightened, annotated, and labeled the screenshot for ease of scrutiny.)
And to think this was the Republican field seeking to appeal to Republican voters before accommodating their positions to the general electorate. Ouch!
I wish one of the candidates had thought to ask Schoolmarm to raise her hand if she was familiar with Gulliver’s Travels, or invoked the scientists of Laputa discovered by Gulliver in the course of his travels. In Book III of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver finds the scientists of Laputa devoting themselves to the extraction of sunlight from cucumbers. Raise your hand if you think we need to undertake a crash course in reversing the process!
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