Dumond Case Dogs Huckabee

We wrote about the case of Wayne Dumond, the rapist whom Governor Mike Huckabee campaigned to free from an Arkansas prison, here and here. Dumond took advantage of his liberation to rape and murder another young woman. So the Dumond case is similar to the Willie Horton affair, with the added twist that Huckabee’s accounts of the matter have not been entirely credible.
Now an Arkansas Republican has upped the ante by interviewing the mother of the girl whom Dumond raped and murdered. The resulting video is simple but powerful.

You never know how much impact this kind of thing will have. I think it depends, generally, on whether it’s perceived as being just a fluke, or as revealing something about a candidate’s weaknesses as an executive. As I’ve said before, I think the incident typifies Huckabee’s emotional, rather than logical, approach to decision-making.
PAUL adds: This video is a bit too much for my taste. I can’t resist noting, however, that it features a picture of Dumond, the rapist-murderer. Remember how outraged the Democrats pretended to be that the “week-end pass” ad run by supporters of the first President Bush featured a picture of Willie Horton, a black man? I’ve been arguing for years that any ad, video, or news story of this nature inevitably will include a photo of the criminal, regardless of his race.


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