Terrorist fundraising in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities metropolitan area has become the largest haven for Somali immigrants in the Untied States. At Pajamas Media Patrick Poole reports on the recent fundraising visit to Minneapolis (and to Falls Church, Virginia) by major Somali terrorist leader Zakaria Mahmoud Haji-Abdi. As Poole explains, Abdi is deputy chairman of the Eritrean-based Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia and part of the al-Qaeda-backed Islamic Courts Union. Poole notes that Abdi was the featured speaker at the fundraiser hosted by the United Somali Diaspora at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis on November 24. Poole links to this SomaliTalk issue covering the Minneapolis conference. Poole’s PJM report is “Homeland insecurity: Terrorist fundraising in the heartland.” (Via reader Rick Malicki.)
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