Is Romney becoming the choice of mainstream conservatives?

Judge Robert Bork has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. He explains:

No other candidate will do more to advance the conservative judicial movement than Governor Mitt Romney. He knows firsthand how the judicial branch can profoundly affect the future course of a state and a nation. I greatly admired his leadership in Massachusetts in the way that he responded to the activist court’s ruling legalizing same-sex ‘marriage.’
Our next President may be called upon to make more than one Supreme Court nomination, and Governor Romney is committed to nominating judges who take their oath of office seriously and respect the rule of law in our nation. I also support Governor Romney because of his character, his integrity and his stands on the major issues facing the United States.

As much as conservatives respect Judge Bork, his endorsement is less significant as guidance for undecided conservatives than as evidence of how undecided (non-evangelical) conservatives are likely to break.
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