Another Arizona Republican throws in with Russ Feingold on “ethics” legislation

John Fund reports on an effort by certain Senators, including the normally sensible Jon Kyl, to restrict the ability of federal judges to obtain continuing legal education and to appear at private law schools where they might educate others. The effort takes the form of an amendment to legislation raising the pay of federal judges. The amendment would ban federal judges from attending non-government or bar association-sponsored seminars and educational programs. It would also cap at $5,000 the amount judges may receive annually in reimbursement for travel, meals etc. for speaking engagements, and at $1,500 the amount they may receive per speaking engagement unless the funding comes from the federal or State government or a bar association.
The general effect of the amendment would be to make it difficult for anyone other than bar associations to have programs at which judges appear. One specific effect would likely be to shut down George Mason


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