Apparently, Time Magazine’s man-of-the-year will be Vladimir Putin. It’s no surprise that Time would grant this award to an increasingly anti-American, increasingly despotic foreign strong man. John McCain has said when he looked into Putin’s eyes he saw three letters — K, G, and B. Now that these letters are plain for everyone to see, Time’s award has followed.
It’s also no surprise that Time would eschew the obvious choice for man-of-the-year, General Petraeus. All he did was figure out how to turn things around in Iraq and then make substantial strides towards victory there.
Does Time’s rejection of Petraeus flow from the same sentiment that led to its selection of Putin?
UPDATE: Gen. Petraeus was “fourth runner-up.” Peter Wehner comments: “We have seen czars before, and we have seen autocrats turn their nation toward oppression before. What none of us have seen before is a counterinsurgency plan that has made this much progress in this compressed a period of time.”
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