Tune In, Turn On, Drop Off

Easy come, easy go. It was too good to be true, anyway: when I told my teenage daughters, last year, that Forbes magazine had selected me as one of the top 25 celebrities on the internet, they reacted with incredulity: Britney Spears, maybe; our dad, definitely not.
Sadly, Forbes has caught on. This year, I’m a Dropoff. Thankfully, I have lots of good company of various kinds. Thankfully, too, Power Line hasn’t actually “dropped off” in any perceptible way. Our side of the spectrum, however, had a tough year.
Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be back. Ideally, they might recognize Scott or Paul. My guess is that if a Republican wins the Presidency next year, the awesome power of the conservative “blogosphere” will be rediscovered. Let’s hope it happens–not, primarily, so that we can join the likes of fake Steve Jobs as web celebrities.
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