Socialism With A Pretty Face

Venezuela’s Hugh Chavez wrapped up a four-day visit to Cuba yesterday. The visit was part of Chavez’s effort to use oil money to extend his influence in Latin America. He signed agreements with Raul Castro that will fund Cuba’s purchase of tankers, build a pipeline and pump $170 million into a power plant.
The growing power of socialist Venezuela and its ally Iran in Latin America is no laughing matter, but the occasion took on an element of comedy in the person of model Naomi Campbell, a Chavez groupie and long-time admirer of Castro (“[Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela] are two men in the world that I think are an inspiration to everyone.”) Campbell joined the tour as a “reporter” for Britain’s GQ magazine. Here, the lovely and very rich model tours houses for Cuban refinery workers that were donated by Chavez:
Naomi Campbell is more than just an exceptionally good-looking useful idiot. She actually has the soul of a socialist: when we last heard from her, she had been convicted of assault after hitting her maid with a cell phone in a fit of rage.
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