A War That Wasn’t

One topic that has been happily absent from newspaper headlines this year is the “war on Christmas” that has been a feature of the last few holiday seasons. If there ever was such a war, this year seems to represent a truce.
No doubt there was a school somewhere where the kids celebrated Kwanzaa but not Christmas, or something of the sort. Whatever. As I wrote a few years ago–does time fly, or what?–there are really two Christmases. There is a secular Christmas holiday that is recognized by businesses, schools and governments, and there is a religious Christmas festival that is celebrated by Christians. It’s up to us Christians to maintain the vitality of our religious holiday; we can’t expect secular institutions to do that for us. Actually, as far as I can tell, we Christians are doing a pretty good job of preserving the meaning and traditions of Christmas.
So, to our readers of all faiths, or none: may you and your families enjoy a very merry Christmas.


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