Wobbly ball no problem for this Scot

Michael Thatcher, grandson of Margaret Thatcher, helped lead his Texas high school football team into the state semi-finals with “a brilliant diving catch from a looping 48-yard pass in front of 10,000 fans.” The catch prompted the television announcer to exclaim, “Wow! Can the guy run, can he catch, can he do everything?”
Thatcher grew up in South Africa and has only been playing football seriously since his American mother moved back to Texas three years ago. His circus catch notwithstanding, Thatcher is a running back. Though a bit light for that position at 170 pounds, he’s working to put on weight and, according to his coach, “he could be one of the best running backs in the state.”
Thatcher plays for Highland Park, whose nickname is the Scots.
Via Kathryn Lopez.


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