Liberal Fascism

If that phrase seems counterintuitive, you haven’t been paying attention, as Glenn Reynolds says. There are two kinds of socialism: national socialism, i.e., fascism, and Marxian socialism, i.e., communism. You can draw distinctions between the two, but it’s pretty pointless, like pointing out the differences between the Crips and the Bloods. In today’s USA, those who want to impose their preferences on you are generally on what we call the Left.
Liberal Fascism is the title of Jonah Goldberg’s new book; you can order it from Amazon by clicking on the graphic below:
The Glenn and Helen Show interviewed Jonah a day or two ago; you can go here to listen to the conversation, or download it. I haven’t had time yet to listen to the podcast, but having paged through Jonah’s book, and knowing the quality of Glenn and Helen’s interviews, I’m sure it’s worth listening to. If you’ve suspected for a while that today’s liberals have totalitarian tendencies, you’ll enjoy it.


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