Et Tu, Huck?

Robert Novak reports on a massive telephone survey of 15,000 Iowans who say they will attend the Republican caucuses. (If true, that would be a substantial percentage of all Republicans who will participate.) In this survey, Mitt Romney is back in front of Mike Huckabee, whose support appears to be slipping.
Bob Dole, Novak reports, has entered the fray with an open letter to Huckabee criticizing him for his attack on President Bush:

Unexpected late intervention by Bob Dole in the Iowa Republican caucuses confirms that Mike Huckabee may have blundered by assailing President George W. Bush’s “arrogant bunker mentality” in international affairs.
“Why have you joined the ‘Bush bashers’?” Dole asked in a letter to Huckabee that he made public.

Dole won the Iowa caucuses in 1996.
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