Layer upon layer of deception

Remember the attack ad against Mitt Romney that Mike Huckabee said he wasn’t going to air, but played for reporters so they could publicize his attacks on Romney? It turns out that Huckabee did air the ad — at least 10 times on four different stations in Davenport and Cedar Rapids, according to
Moreover, FactCheck found that Huckabee’s attack ad contains several “misleading claims” about his rival. For one thing, the ad says Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts includes “no executions.” That’s true, but the reason is that Massachusetts doesn’t have a death penalty. Indeed, Romney tried but failed to get the death penalty reinstated.
In a less egregious but somewhat misleading claim, the ad also holds Romney accountable for the fact that his state’s health care program covers abortions. But Romney didn’t make the decision to provide abortion coverage for a $50 co-pay. Rather, the health care legislation Romney signed provided that an independent agency would implement the law and would


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