When the spell is broken

Alluding to the Gothic horror of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” the new issue of the Weekly Standard declares “The Fall of the House of Clinton.” Noemie Emery’s excellent cover story makes capital use of Sally Bedell Smith’s For Love of Politics on the Clinton marriage during the White House years. Emery of course brings to bear her own acute sense of “the family romance” as it is played out in “the lives of political families.”
Has Ms. Hillary’s humiliating performance in the Iowa caucuses broken the spell the Clintons seem to cast on the faithful? “When the spell is broken,” Richard Thompson sings in the song of the same name, “all the joy is gone from her face.” Thompson adds:

When the spell is broken
All your magic and your ways and schemes
All your lies come and tear at your dreams.

At Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft reports that Ms. Hillary was booed by the audience at the Democratic Party’s 49th annual 100 Club dinner in Milford, New Hampshire last night. Catcalls also fill the air in the Washington Post’s account of the Clinton campaign’s discussions yesterday with supporters. Can Bill Clinton still cast the spell? There he goes again:

“Nobody would like it better than us if you could get that personal vilification out of there, because nobody


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