Is there crying in politics?

Hillary Clinton had a rare genuine moment today at a cafe in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It occurred when a woman asked her: “How do you keep upbeat and so wonderful?” According to ABC News, Clinton teared up as she answered. The video, also available on ABC’s main news page, shows that she did, indeed, become emotional. By the same token, the video gives the appearance that, for a change, she answered from the heart.
They say that, as in baseball, there’s no crying in politics, and Ed Muskie came to a bad end in New Hampshire in 1972 after he appeared to cry in public. But the video of Clinton doesn’t necessarily cast her in a bad light, and could even help her with female voters, upon whose support she’s more dependent than ever.
Here’s the video:

MORE: Some readers are skeptical as to whether this was a genuine moment, and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Thus, Joshua Sharf asks: “Has anyone checked to see if the woman asking her the question was a plant?”
Meanwhile, it turns out that days ago, The Anchoress predicted (and said she dreaded) that, in a “genuine” moment, Hillary would cry.
JOHN adds: I have no idea whether the woman was a plant or the incident was staged. All I can say, having watched the video, is that it looks as though the exchange was staged and rehearsed.
PAUL adds: I have no clear idea either, but it didn’t look that way to me, Also, while I can see Bill Clinton pulling off something like that — a high wire act in which emotion is “betrayed” but control is maintained — I’m not convinced Hillary is good enough to do so, or to risk the attempt.
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