Dueling speeches

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have now given their post-election speeches. Obama made a brief passing reference to terrorism and al Qaeda. Clinton didn’t see fit to mention either.
Obama seemed to be warming up for South Carolina, as he delivered a rousing speech, the theme of which was “yes, we can,” in a cadence of which Jesse Jackson would not have been ashamed. Obama lost tonight, but he remains formidable, and it will be fascinating to see whether he can rally African-American voters in the numbers he’ll apparently need to offset the votes of white women.
Clinton’s speech was pedestrian to the core. She had only one notable line, which she directed to the people of New Hampshire: “I liistened to you and in the process I found my own voice.” But how pathetic is that? Clinton has been in public life forever, in the Senate for seven years, and in the campaign for about a year, and she’s only now finding “her own voice?” While on the brink of defeat, with tears on her face at a cafe in Portsmouth?
It shouldn’t require “shock therapy” for a candidate to find her voice. John McCain, for one, never lost his.
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