Live-Blog the South Carolina Debate

The Republican presidential candidates will be on the air in less than an hour, at 9:00 eastern time, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in a debate that will be carried on Fox News. It should be interesting: will Fred Thompson finally break through? Will Mike Huckabee charm his way to another batch of delegates? Or will the story line be something completely different?
If you’d like to live-blog the debate while you watch it, go here. You can see what your fellow conservatives are saying about the candidates, and put in your own two cents worth. Group live-blogging has proved to be a fun and interesting way to follow the debates. Tonight’s event, the first one held in conjunction with a primary in a southern state, should be particularly interesting. If you haven’t tried a group live-blog before, check it out. Just make sure that, if you want to comment, you are registered for the Forum and are logged in.
UPDATE: The debate is over. The live-blogging was lively, with 341 posts, and counting. I thought that Fred Thompson did well, but maybe wasn’t prominent enough to get the job done. However, when Fox cut to the Frank Luntz focus group, it was all about Fred’s fine performance. So maybe the race is about to get more interesting.


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