How Did That Poll Turn Out?

Yesterday, we hosted AOL News’ daily “Hot Seat” poll. The question we asked, which was linked to this post, was “After Iowa and New Hampshire, who will win the Republican nomination?”
Internet polls are, as we all know, highly unscientific. But more than 100,000 people voted in this one, and a considerable number of them were Power Line readers. So the final results are at least worth noting. Here they are:
Not surprisingly after his comeback win in New Hampshire, 32% picked John McCain. 27% went with what I think is the right answer, it’s way too early to tell. The rest of the vote split essentially equally among Giuliani, Huckabee and Romney.
The state by state breakdown is interesting, too. Readers who live in South Carolina see a wide-open race, with McCain in the lead but with Romney and Huckabee closer than in the national numbers. In Michigan, 31% say McCain will win, but 20% pick Romney.