Suspending disbelief…to take credit

Jim Vicevich caught Ms. Hillary on Meet the Press this morning and translates her comments on the success of the surge.
UPDATE: A soldier who has just returned from service in Iraq with a fighting unit writes:

Having just gotten back from Iraq about a month ago, I’m stunned to see Hillary Clinton taking credit for the progress (political and otherwise) going on in Iraq. While she was jetting around the country, raising money for her personal political ambitions, I was riding around the streets of Iraq, fighting terrorists and raising the hopes of people I don’t even know. For Clinton to suggest that her promises of future policies had more effect on the improvements in Iraq than even ONE of our soldiers is disgraceful and insulting. I will not allow her to take credit for the results of our hard work, especially when she opposed the policy to give us the help we needed ( i.e., the surge).

The soldier has asked us to withhold his name for the usual reasons, but it understates matters considerably to say that he has a point.
JOHN adds: A few more words about Jim Vicevich are in order. Jim is a talk radio host on WTIC in Hartford, Connecticut. If you follow the link, you can listen to highlights of Jim’s show, subscribe to podcasts, or listen live to “Sound Off Connecticut” from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Eastern).
There are a lot of good local radio talk show hosts around the country, but to my knowledge, Jim Vicevich is the best. Jim has a deep knowledge of current events and is always tuned in to the top stories on the web. I’ve been on his show a number of times, and his producer is one of the few to whom I always say “Yes” if I can. Check out his show; I guarantee you’ll like it.


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